IDEX Legal Consulting (ILC), part of the IDEX Group provides a range of high quality services focused on supporting legal departments and law firms in their efforts to develop and adopt best practices and processes throughout their businesses. We possess rare international and domestic expertise and experience in transforming legal departments and law firms with a local presence that understands the nuances and demands of the Indian legal market.

IDEX Legal Consulting introduces a unique range of specialist legal management consultancy services designed specifically for legal departments and law firms. Working in parallel with some of the leading global legal consultants as well as a strong in-house team, ILC brings the best of both worlds to the legal fraternity in India. Our bench of consultants are all highly experienced and possess hands-on knowledge of the legal sector in both the international and Indian markets, an unparalled offering for the India market.

We have unrivalled knowledge of and access to information about current trends within the professional services sector with practical experience of working with leaders in the legal sector. Our consultants know emerging markets as well as international best practice, and are aware of the importance of meshing the best of East and West from an informed standpoint. Our unique background gives us rare insight into this rapidly changing business and legal environment putting us in a privileged position to best advise our clients on the market and its potential.

Over the last few years the market has experienced considerable churn and as a result competition for quality work and the best talent is intense. Many of our clients have come to us because they have realised that they need some specialist help to turn these market challenges to their advantage, as well as to move their systems and legal capabilities to match the highest standards.



We help our clients achieve operational excellence, flesh out business development strategies, pricing structures and key client programmes.We examine your business positioning and operations and match this to an analysis of the potential market and your own vision for your business. Whether your business focus is international or domestic, large or small, we know how to enable you to differentiate your practice from the competition. We help you maximise the potential of your existing clients and contacts, and move into new practice and geography areas.



Our core areas are a result of combination of our strong knowledge of legal industry and pool of experienced consultants who are well informed about emerging markets as well as international best practices. We take into consideration both local and global circumstances while advising our clients thereby helping them achieve unmatched results.

Strategy, Planning & Financial Management
Training & Development
Business Development & Marketing