About the Ideas Exchange


IDEX Events Pvt Ltd, a division of IX Events Ltd are pioneers in creating unique events, conferences and workshops for the European, African and Asian markets. Our expertise covers a range of business sectors; from beauty and wellness to healthcare infrastructure to legal. Our events aim to bring professionals together and give them a platform to network and knowledge-share, whilst addressing challenges of today’s competitive environment bringing industry experts from around the world to offer solutions and create a common platform for knowledge and ideas sharing.

About Idex Legal


IDEX Legal, a division of IX Events Pvt Ltd, creates thought-leadership platforms for the Indian Legal industry to exchange ideas, network, and do business. Over the last decade, our events have bought together thousands of law professionals from In-House Legal Departments, Law Firms, and the Judiciary, and supported growth and evolution of the Indian legal industry.

IDEX Legal is a trusted partner for the industry, having gained a reputation for transparency, professionalism, and integrity. This reputation has been built on an idealism to continually challenge the status quo, something we are passionately and unrelentingly committed to; that doing things in the right manner with honesty and integrity is still important and possible.

We organise conferences and summits, lead research, and provide consulting services for law firms and corporate legal departments in India and across the globe.


Our Journey:


With a network of over 1000 + GC’s, we exclusively host senior in-house legal decision makers supporting them in implementing best practice and operational excellence across their departments helping them become intrinsic business and strategic partners for their businesses.

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    In 2010, IDEX Legal launched the first edition of The Legal Councel Congress (LCC), with an aim to support the in-house counsels in attaining greater operational excellence in the context of them and their legal departments becoming intrinsic business partners for corporate India.

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    Along with IDEX Legal Awards and LCC, IDEX Legal launched the Asia Law Firm Management Congress (ALFMC), the focused best practices and firm management event for lawyers in the region.

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    As part of the focus on the legal segment, IDEX Legal created a separate business vertical focused specifically on delivering high quality content and solutions for the legal community. Out of that vision IDEX Legal was born.

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    The first new offering to be launched by the rebranded IDEX Legal was its Training and Learning Division, delivering standalone public as well tailor made courses for the legal community in India. Legal Counsel Awards were rebranded to IDEX Legal Awards in 2014.

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    In its sixth year serving the legal community, IDEX Legal is fully focused on scaling up to meet the demands and requirements of the industry fulfilling on its long-term vision of “Being the leader quality provider of services to the legal community”.

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    Followed by a successful 5th edition of IDEX Legal Awards and 13th edition of LCC, we held the first ever expo in the legal community in Asia, LawServ- The Legal Services Expo. We also launched the first ever Law Firm Benchmarking Report in India and IDEX Legal Consulting Services.

Our Team

Vikas Vij Managing Director

Sharmila Pandey Head Finance & Operations

Ria Rungta Marketing Executive

Arun Shirishkar Creative Head

Rajesh Kongari Senior Data Analyst


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